Creek House Dim Sum Restaurant

1291 Parkside Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

About Creek House Dim Sum Restaurant

4.2 / 5

from reviews

    Nam Anh Johnson
    May 18, 2024

    Flew down from WA to Cali to hang in Walnut Creek. I tried Creek House Dim Sum for the first time. 👏🏽✈️🥟 Iis absolutely delightful. The dim sum was fresh and so tasty. The stand out dish was a new dish called “shrimp toast”! Shrimp paste over a Chinese donut and then deep fried. 🤤 you dip the shrimp toast in their honey mayo and you get a freaking taste bud explosion. The chili oil was a burst of flavors. Definitely not your average chili oil. The shrimp 🍤 dishes did not disappoint! I had… -har gow -egg gravy chow fun with shrimp -garlic noodle with shrimp -shrimp toast -hong Kong style seafood chow mein -daikon radish cake in xo sauce -tripe with ginger and scallion -the pan fried shrimp and chive dumpling was the size of my palm! -bun assortment: the ube was so freaking tasty -deep fried shrimp meatball The staff was so friendly and efficient. They were kind and made sure we were taken care of during our meals. Goldie is the front of house and took such good care of us. It feels like you are walking into your family’s dining room. 🥰

    December 17, 2023

    Maybe we ordered a wrong dishes, however, didn’t really like the sauce both dishes were soaked in. Sesame beef and eggplant and garlic sauce. We’re just covered in this distinct taste sauce that changed the flavor of the dish. Beef tasted like it was deep-fried prior to sauced. Had to wait for the service as the place was backed on Sunday around 5 PM. By the time we got the dishes, our two year old has drained our brain. The interior of the place is a bit of the older style. Especially that restroom. Blue sign shining in the dining area. Prices are at the higher end. The meal for two turned out to be over $70. We might give this place another try, but not in the near future.

    June 29, 2024

    Tried this place out from a tip. Place was clean, busy and bustling. Great little dim sum place. Food seemed fresh and made to order. Saw a crab dish I wish I ordered, but there is always next time which I see in the near future. I came again 6/29/2024 and was again impressed w the food. Try the Salted Fish and Chicken fried Rice, Spare Rib and Chinese Sausage Rice Bowl and BBQ Pork Slices. All were a delight to scarf down.

    Chetan Salian
    July 10, 2024

    Food was delectable as always. We ordered our favorites - har gaw, XLB, shrimp and chives dumpling. And they were just as delectable as ever! This time we also ordered dim sum portion of Spare ribs and Chinese sausages over as bed of rice. My god it was so tasty and addictive! Service was quick, attentive but slightly hurried , since we reached late and into the lunch hour. The owner couple and their daughter keep all customers happy! Ambience remains very cozy and the close seating only adds to my nostalgia for this place.

    H M (My personal opinion only)
    January 30, 2024

    I tried the baked ube buns and they are good. The dim sum is very acceptable for a family run restaurant and the Chinese food is properly flavored using enough sweet and salt on the food. Also the fried sesame balls have the proper amount of sweet black beans and are one of the best I have tried in years.

    Creek House Dim Sum Restaurant

    Our Address

    1291 Parkside Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

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