Shake Shack Walnut Creek

1604 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

About Shake Shack Walnut Creek

3.4 / 5

from reviews

    Jacob Favreault
    March 04, 2024

    They didn't have shakes! The floors beneath the booths and the both tables were dirty, the food was expensive (but so was everything else in the area), and the whole reason I even went there - to get a milkshake on a hot day - was moot as they couldn't make any. Luckily, the location redeemed itself by being incredibly convenient, had delicious food, and portions that were larger than what I'd expect for the area. Ordering was fine, order pickup was fine, I just wanted my milkshake. ★★★★

    January 05, 2024

    Had lunch today and shake shack and it was a total failure! Came in for the first time to try out the notorious Shake Shack.. After ordering I went upstairs and sat in the lobby upstairs (which is very nice). When you order you put your phone number in the computer when you order. I received a text that said "hang tight we will text again when your order is ready" It was a busy Friday, and not knowing how long an order takes, I waited 15 minutes and went downstairs to discover my cold food has been sitting on the counter for almost 10 minutes!! I asked the lady working at the counter why my food had been sitting there for 10 minutes without me knowing.. Her response was that I should have gotten a text so I showed her my phone with the previous text and said "you're right, I should have" her look was a blank stare like she didn't even know what to do or say.. I took my cold food upstairs not wanting to wait another 10 minutes to have the incompetent staff remake it.. the food tastes good and probably would have been much better if it was hot! The value of this meal was terrible!! The burger was probably two and a half inches high and maybe 4 to 5 inches wide! For $12+ dollars I expected Much better than that!! The fries remind me of something I would reheat from an Ore-Ida frozen bag.. The shake was fantastic, maybe one of the best I've ever had!! For $26 I would never come back here! I probably wouldn't even come back if it was half that much!!

    Bruce Hamilton
    December 02, 2023

    $33 total for (3) hamburgers [Shack burgers] ($23), 1 fry ($4), and a shake ($6). The food was great. I'm an In N Out stan, and don't go here often (also because of health conscious decisions) but we will probably go back. Burgers and their patties were the highlight. My wife said the Oreo cookie shake was good, but I can't recommend that much sugar to anyone unless it's their last meal. I saw a lot of negative reviews about bad service here. It's weird because we walked in and paid from a kiosk, then got an automated text message that the food was ready, then we went down and grabbed our tray. Said thanks. And that was it. Not a lot of interaction with the staff due to their setup.

    Dave McGuinness
    January 09, 2024

    Jan 9 and they are out of all shake choices except chocolate. Supposed to order at kiosk but two were not working, then mine locked up. When you wait for your order you are backed up against the order kiosk so that you are blocking them. 2 of 3 women's toilets were closed and the 3rd was disgusting, not flushing. Chocolate shake tasted like it was malted, ice seemed to be added because it was crunchy. Had to use the cashier who was stocking straws then talked to cooks before taking my order of one item.

    Taylor Jade
    September 26, 2023

    I ordered the hot chicken sandwich and it was delicious. Customer service is okay we weren't greeted when we came in, but I'm cool with that I don't always want to talk to people anyways lol. I ordered at the kiosk and my food was made quickly and it was all fresh. They have vegan options for burgers and shakes.

    Shake Shack Walnut Creek

    Our Address

    1604 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

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